4th and 5th Grade Announcements

To both classes:

  • This is a reminder that there a number of 4th grade students (and some 5th grade) students who have yet to do ANY work for Khan Academy or other websites we use (Iready Math, StudiesWeekly, etc.).
  • Starting tomorrow (Monday) we will follow a schedule, and it is expected that you submit work on time.  IF there is any issue or reason you are NOT submitting work, you should let me know ASAP.
  • 4th Graders- You have ALL been invited to join the 4th Grade Math Google Classroom and 5th graders- the 5th Grade Google Classroom.  If for whatever reason you haven’t, you need to do so immediately.  This will let you know announcements, important information and daily assignments.
  • I will be using this website less as we all become more familiar with Google Classroom, but I will still use it for general announcements (from time to time) for both classes.
  • I hope that you and your families are well.  God bless!

4th and 5th Grade Reminders.


  • I’ve checked Khan Academy, and there are a large number (mostly in the 4th Grade), who have not begun any of the assignments.  While I understand it currently may be difficult for you to sign on and work, it is important that we keep up your learning, and that you complete at least some of the assignments.
  • As a reminder- you have ALL been invited to the Google Classroom site which I created.  In addition, you have ALL received an invitation to join the Khan Academy site.
  • If you have not begun working, please do so ASAP.
  • Thank you.

4th Grade Math and 5th Grade

Good Morning Students-

Assignments are posted on your Google Classroom.   Remember a few things:

  1. My Google Classroom is SEPARATE from Ms. Clarke’s!
  2. Once you sign on to your St.Ann Gmail/Google Account, you should receive all notifications and be able to log on to any of the websites we use in class.
  3. Pay attention to due dates!
  4. Watch all videos and complete all assignments on Khan Academy.
  5. Remember to CONCENTRATE as best as you can when doing this work.

Message/Reminder to all students

Grade 4- 

  • There are still a large number of you who have not joined the 4th Grade Google Classroom- please do so ASAP.  Thank you for those who joined already.  
  • If you log on to your St. Ann gmail account, you should see the invitation with the class code.
  • If you have NOT received it, the class code is : nqnrfqx


Grade 5-

*Thank you ALL for joining promptly.   You all are now apart of our 5th Grade classroom.

Beginning tomorrow, there will be some items posted.  In the meantime, you should’ve been logging on to Iready Math for approximately 45 minutes yesterday and today.

Grade 4 & Grade 5- School Closure HW- 3/16/20 (Monday)

Assignment for today AND tomorrow (3/16-3/17/20)

  • Grade 4 and Grade 5-    Please sign on to IREADY MATH for today and tomorrow.  I am asking that you spend at least 45 minutes on Iready Math EACH DAY.
  • I will be checking your time on IREADY for each day.  I am asking that you try to log on to Google Classroom- I’ve already sent each student an invitation to join.  Many of you already have joined, but there are a number that haven’t.
  • Starting Wednesday, I will post some work for you to do.
  • Please take Iready work seriously- I realize you may have distractions at home or where you log on, but it’s important to concentrate so we don’t fall behind.
  • **Be well, healthy and God Bless**


3/12/20- Thursday HW

Grade 4- Math

  1. Make sure to have finished/fully completed pages 197-198.
  2. We will review for a 2 digit times 2 digit test Friday- the actual test will be on Wednesday of NEXT WEEK.


Grade 5- 

  1. Math- make sure to have finished pages 8-9- all drawings.
  2. Religion- Chapter 23 test tomorrow- take home workbook and study guide- make sure you review!!!


3/11/20- Wednesday HW

Grade 4- Math

  1. Workbook- pages 195-196.
  2. **POSSIBLE QUIZ TOMORROW OR FRIDAY ON 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication!!!


Grade 5- 

  1. Math- workbook pages 5-7- show all boxes!!
  2. Religion- paragraph on Friends!- make sure to have brought home the paper where you copied down the questions to be answered in that paragraph.
  3. Science- coloring worksheet on layers of the Earth.

3/10/20- Tuesday HW

Grade 4- Math

  1. Make sure to have FULLY completed pages 193 & 194
  2. **IF you still have a test, have it signed and returned**
  3. Parents- Progress Reports went home today- you should review them with your child.


Grade 5- 

  1. Math- make sure to have finished page 3
  2. StudiesWeekly- you need to have finished the note-taking guides BY TOMORROW!
  3. Parents- Progress Reports went home today- you should review them with your child.

3/9/20- Monday HW

Grade 4- Math

  1. Complete workbook pages 191 & 192.
  2. You should use your Sample problems to help you!!!- (your notes!)


Grade 5-

  1. Science- worksheet on Earth’s Seasons
  2. Religion- worksheet on how we are called to live as Jesus’ disciples.
  3. Math- workbook- finish page 2 in Module 4 (remember- the NEW module in the middle of the book)

3/6/20- Friday/Weekend HW

Grade 4- Math

  1. No new Math HW today
  3. Progress Reports will go out on Monday


Grade 5-

  1. S.S.- have your StudiesWeekly note-taking guides completed by Monday.
  2. Math- Adding and Subtracting fractions test on Monday (use your practice tests to review!)
  3. Math- NEW worksheet (word problems) on adding and subtracting fractions.